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Community anti-displacement & stabilization fund

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Due September 13, 2019

Oakland Chinatown & Black Arts Movement Business District Community Anti-Displacement and Stabilization Fund

Oakland, CA | August 2019

The Black Arts Movement Business District (BAMBD) and Oakland Chinatown Community Anti-Displacement and Stabilization Fund​ ​are pleased to solicit proposals to safeguard and strengthen Chinatown and the Black Arts Movement Business District (BAMBD).

Applicants must work or live in BAMBD or Oakland Chinatown to be eligible to apply. Projects must take place in and directly serve BAMBD or Oakland Chinatown to be considered.

[ Fund Background ]

The Community Coalition for Equitable Development (CCED) is a coalition of community-based groups in Oakland Chinatown and the Black Arts Movement Business District dedicated to protecting these two communities which have been disproportionately impacted by new development in Downtown Oakland. CCED’s mission is to prevent displacement and promote community stabilization and equitable development. CCED created the community-driven Community Anti-Displacement and Stabilization Fund (CADSF) to fund projects, organizations, and small businesses in Oakland Chinatown and BAMBD. Funds are available for work which combats displacement, to stabilize small businesses and organizations providing direct services to

these communities, and to support projects and activities that seek to create equitable outcomes.

The call for proposals is now open. Proposals are due by midnight, September 13, 2019.

The first round of grants will disburse a total of $150K in grants in two categories:

  • ●  Up to $5,000 Rapid Response grants for projects, campaigns, and needs

    that are time-sensitive and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the

    funding for this round is exhausted.

  • ●  Up to $10,000 for projects by individuals, small businesses, and

    community-based organizations; funding can be used for organizational support.

    Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee and announced by October 14, 2019.

    [ CADSF First Round Funding ]

Proposals are currently being solicited in the following areas:

 Affordable Housing & Homelessness

  • ●  Policy and advocacy work to increase and preserve affordable housing in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown.

  • ●  Projects that support tenants rights, including obtaining code adherence and legal assistance.

  • ●  Work to stabilize unhoused community members, and prevent homelessness in BAMBD/ Oakland Chinatown.

Sustainable Jobs, Small Businesses & Local Economy

  • ●  Work that creates career pipelines and apprenticeships to stabilize and bolster the economic strength of current residents in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown.

  • ●  Support small and micro-businesses in paying for identified Technical Assistance services that help to stabilize or grow small or micro-enterprises.

  • ●  Direct support to new and existing cultural, small and micro- businesses to preserve and cultivate neighborhood identity.

 Placekeeping Arts & Culture Projects

  • ●  Placekeeping projects that amplify the identities, histories, and value of the neighborhoods and preserve or cultivate belonging and community cohesion.

  • ●  Support the work of arts organizations, projects, or individual artists that have as a goal placekeeping, training, career pathways, employment of youth, and/or provide free or low-cost access to art, and or artmaking opportunities, and performances in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown.

  • ●  The creation of public art in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown that amplifies the history and identity of the neighborhoods.

  • ●  Art and Culture projects that focus on community engagement and/or political education.

  • ●  Projects that occur in public spaces within BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown that directly engage the community in the making or presenting of the work.

Leadership Development

  • ●  Support for organizations and projects that provide youth leadership development to train the next generation of advocates.

  • ●  Projects that provide leadership development that prepares all generations for neighborhood advocacy work in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown.

  • ●  Projects that engage intergenerational groups in work designed to strengthen community organizing and civic education through special projects or as part of regular activities.

  • ●  Youth-led projects that support youth inspired visions and place youth in positions of leadership.

  • ●  Programs that partner with youth organizations to benefit the community through projects or educational programs that provide personal and professional development in preparation for work or projects in the public sector to help stabilize neighborhoods, empower a new generation of leaders, or create spaces for mentoring in advocacy work.

 Neighborhood Environment, Open Space, Land Use, Development & Zoning

  • ●  Projects that will provide long-term

    measurable and sustainable benefits to support a healthy and safe neighborhood environment for current residents of BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown.

  • ●  Projects and advocacy that involves community members in the improvement, animation, and adoption of open spaces and the programming of their use in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown.

  • ●  Support for community-based organizations that actively engage community members in policy advocacy for more progressive land use, development, and zoning policies.

  • ●  Support for community-based organizations working to engage BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown community members in the enforcement or reform of municipal policy and/or ensure equitable access to municipal processes directly related to neighborhood environment issues, the use of open space, general land use, development, and zoning.

[ DEADLINE + How to Apply ]

Proposals must be received by midnighton September 13, 2019, or postmarked by no later than September 13, 2019, to be considered and sent to 1540 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612.

To submit a proposal to CADSF First Round:

Create one document including all of the requested information and the requested attachments, submit the entire packet. If submitting by email put CADSF First Roundin the subject line. Submit by mail please address to CADSF First Round/ c/o Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc.,and send to 1540 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612.

[ CADSF Selection Process ]

CADSF applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee of community stakeholders from Oakland’s Chinatown and Black Arts Movement Business District. The committee will select grants according to a democratic, participatory budgeting process using collective scoring and looking at factors including a) the viability of the project; b) demonstrated skills of the applicant; c) capacity to execute; and d) the short and long-term impact of the proposed project. Distribution of funds will prioritize projects that are led by and directly serve the most vulnerable community groups in these neighborhoods.

Grantees will be announced by the end of October 14, 2019. The granting period is one year. Projects funded should be completed within the granting period.


People, businesses, and organizations that reside or work within Oakland Chinatown or BAMBD.
Individual organizers, artists and other solo applicants may apply.

We encourage collaborations between individual applicants and groups or community-based organizations that work in the following areas:

  • ○  Community Organizing

  • ○  Direct Services

  • ○  Policy Advocacy

  • ○  Capacity Building

  • ○  Technical Assistance

  • ○  Cultural Placekeeping

  • ○  Microlending

  • ○  Leadership Development

  • ○  Economic Empowerment

  • ○  Environmental Sustainability

  • ○  Land Use

    [ RAPID RESPONSE Proposals ]

    Rapid Responsegrants are accepted on a rolling basis and are intended to fund projects, activities, or address problems of a timely nature that can’t take place or be addressed without the funding offered here. Applicants must demonstrate a need that is either an emergent opportunity, or urgent, and time-sensitive occurrence requiring immediate action. The intention of the funding is to help to stabilize and to implement actions likely to mitigate displacement and to support stability that allows growth or continued service to the community.

    Create one document including all of the requested information and the requested attachments, submit the entire packet as one PDF. If submitting by email put “CADSF Rapid Response” in the subject line. If submitting by snail mail please address to CADSF Rapid Response c/co Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc.and send to the address provided above.

    You may submit a Rapid Responseproposal for up to $5,000.
    Proposals selected for funding will be notified
    within 30 days of being notified that the completed application has been received for review.

    [ Rapid Response Proposal Guidelines ]

    To be considered, please create a project narrative by answering the following questions in a document no longer than 2 pages double-sided, single-spaced in 12pt. font:

  • ●  Name, Title, Address, Phone, Email information for the main contact for this project.

  • ●  What is the urgent need or emerging opportunity for immediate and timely action to which you are responding?

  • ●  How is your project or action related to inequity, stabilization and or displacement in Oakland’s Chinatown and Black Arts Movement and Business District?

  • ●  Provide a brief description of the project or action, please include a timeline of proposed activities, the specific use of CADSF funds, and the anticipated outcome of the action taken.

  • ●  Describe how your success will positively impact the community served by this grant, or how the community will be negatively impacted if Rapid Response funding is not granted.

  • ●  Is the problem being addressed likely to reoccur? If you anticipate a reoccurrence what is your strategy for dealing with this issue going forward?

  • ●  Please include the proposed project budget with budget notes that explain anything which is not obvious.

    Documents to be included with Rapid Response applications:

  • ●  Annual Operating Budget for 2018 and 2019 (if applicable)

  • ●  Project Budget with budget notes. Please list any other funding sources for this

    project. Please indicate whether they are approved, pending, or if you plan to apply.

  • ●  501(c).3 letter or current business license (if applicable)

    [ FIRST ROUND Proposal Guidelines ]

    If submitting a proposal for up to $10K in the first round, please submit the following:

    Organizational Profile (1 pg.):

  • ●  Organization Name

  • ●  Address

  • ●  Telephone

  • ●  Email

  • ●  Website

  • ●  Contact person for this grant application and

  • ●  Contact info (if not the same as above)

  • ●  Secondary contact, if any

​        Grant
Project Title

Application Cover Sheet:

  • ●  Amount Requested from CADSF

  • ●  Specify the type of support requested: Project or General Operating

  • ●  Mission Statement

  • ●  A brief summary of the project you are proposing (300-word maximum)

  • ●  Amount of annual budget last fiscal year (if applicable)

    Required Attachments:

  • ●  Current year budget if applicable (projected budgets acceptable)

  • ●  Organization Balance Sheet if applicable

  • ●  A project budget with budget notes that explain anything that is not obvious

  • ●  List any other funding sources for this project in your budget notes and indicate whether they are approved, pending, or if you plan to apply

  • ●  Copy of your 501c3 letter if applicable

  • ●  Proof of current residency or work within the granting area

  • ●  If proposed projects involve private property or cooperation of other ownerships, letters of consent from property owner will be required

    Narrative (1500 word maximum, 12 pt font, single spaced) Please label each page with your organization or project title in upper right hand corner and include the following:

  1. History and previous major accomplishments.

  2. CADSF prioritizes groups led by people most impacted in Chinatown and Black Arts Movement and Business Districts of Oakland.

    1. Who will lead this work? What are their qualifications for this work?

    2. Who are the communities most directly impacted by the issues your

      organization/project addresses?

    3. How are those communities served by your organization? List 2 projects done within the last 2 years of a similar nature. Or explain how your innovation/implementation will impact one or both of these communities in a profound way.

    4. What are the goals of this project?

    5. What will change as a result of your project?

      CADSF prioritizes groups that address the root causes of inequity in BAMBD/Oakland Chinatown and builds intersectionality and collective power.

      1. What specific problems, needs, or issues does your work address?

      2. What are the root causes of those issues?

                3. How will your organization/project build intersectionality and collective power?

               4. How will your work address equity for the communities served by your project/work?

     4. Please provide a timeline for activities to be funded by this grant. Provide an overall execution plan and give tentative dates for completing each major step.*

              1. What are your overall goals, objectives, strategies, and specific activities for completing the project for which you are asking for funding?      

             2. How will CADSF funds be used?    

             3. How will you measure whether you have met your goals and objectives?

* Note: We understand that this timeline is based only on what you know right now and that circumstances change. If you receive this grant, you will submit a brief report at the end which will ask you to measure what progress you have made on the goals outlined in this proposal.



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